We want to make your booking experience as easy and efficient as possible, which is why we offer so many convenient ways for you to book.

Before booking any online appointments we ask that you read our online booking tips and our SALON POLICIES to ensure that your booking experience goes as smoothly. 


Online Booking Tips


Did you book the correct gel service?

Gel Polish - Often incorrectly referred to as "Shellac", Shellac is a BRAND of GEL POLISH. 

Shield - Goes on top of colour and adds LONGEVITY to your manicure lasting time.

Overlay - Goes directly on top of your natural nail and adds STRENGTH but not length to your nails.

Extension - Built on you natural nail with a nail form adding LENGTH to your nails. 


Do you need a removal of your previous nail product?

One of the most common booking errors is forgetting to book in a removal of your old nail product. if you have previous gel polish, a gel shield or an overlay that needs to be removed, please ensure that you book this service as well as it can take between 15-40 minutes (depending on the type of removal you need). Neglecting to book this removal may result in you not being able to receive your full services depending on how busy the salon is.  


Do you want nail design with your manicure or pedicure service?

Manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements do not come with nail art. It is a separate service and must be booked in to allot time or the design. Please pay close attention to the amount of time you are booking as you will be charged accordingly. Most design bookings come with a minimum cost associated with booking that amount of time to prevent wasted time. For example, booking a "intermediate design" will give you 30 minutes of design time and comes with a minimum charge of $15 ... the reason for this minimum cost is to prevent hours of design time being booked for art that takes mere minutes as our technicians will not have enough time to take another appointment to fill the unused design time. 

We highly recommend booking your first few designs over the phone until you are used to the timing you need for your nail art appointments. 


Do you want to request a certain staff member?

One of the biggest disappointments is when you book an appointment with a specific service provider, but when you arrive at the salon you discover that your appointment has been moved to someone else. In order to ensure that you stay booked with a particular staff member, make sure you hit the REQUEST button (Star) when booking your appointment. This will place a visual marker on your appointment as well as alert any staff member who attempts to move your appointment over.


Do you want a blowout with your colour or lightening service?

Our colour, highlight and ombre services come with a ruffle dry in order to ensure that the colour and tone are correct. If you would like to upgrade to a full blowout/style please make sure to book the "upgrade to blowout" service after booking in your chemical service. This option is an additional $20.


Do you need a eyelash refill or a full set of extensions?

Our lash refills are meant to be maintenance for your full lash set and come with a set amount of time in which they must be booked in order to constitute a refill. If you only have a few eyelash extensions left, a refill will not provide the amount of time or lashes to bring you back up to a full set. You have between 14-21 days from the time of your last Sparks eyelash extension application to book your refill. 


Did you book at the right location?

Please make sure that you note which location you are booking your appointments at. You will receive a confirmation call, text or email the day before your appointment (depending on which method of confirmation you have chosen) and by then it may be too late to move your appointment to the other location.