With so many women wanting longer, thicker hair, but not being able to naturally attain the desired results, it is no wonder that hair extensions have become such a popular choice. Our stylist are trained in the application, maintenance and removal of a multitude of hair extension types and have the knowledge to ensure that we get the right type of extensions for your hair type and your hair goals. 

If you're thinking about trying hair extensions for yourself, read this page then book your consultation.  




You are more than welcome to bring in/purchase your own extensions, but we would recommend holding off until you have had your consultation and determined which type of extensions are right for you. While the immediate goal for your hair is to add length or thickness... the more important and longer-term goal is to maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair. If you bring in your own extensions and they are not a type that a skilled stylist has recommended for you, they could be the wrong type of extension for your hair. We are able to order most types of extensions from our trusted supplier, thus guaranteeing that you will receive high quality hair that will last you multiple wears in the type that will be least damaging to your natural hair (provided that care instructions are followed). We understand that hair is expensive, but we caution our clients to beware when purchasing their own... if it seems too good a deal to be true, it probably is, and always come in for a consultation beforehand so you know what type of extensions to shop for.

If you do prefer to purchase your own extensions, we recommend purchasing a small amount first and bringing this to your stylist so they can check the quality.



We offer Infinitude Brand hair extensions at our Salon. We have thoroughly researched and tested out many brands of extensions and have found that Infinitude has the best quality product while keeping costs reasonable for our clients... in other words you are not paying just for the name. The most popular types of extensions we do at the salon are:

1. Bonded / Tape - Small sections of hair are "sandwiched" between two, flat, pieces of extension hair containing a special adhesive.

2. Cold Fusion / I-Tip - These strand extensions are applied to the hair by carefully clamping a small ring or bead around the natural hair and extension to hold them together.

3. Hot Fusion / U-Tip - These strand extensions are applied to the hair by using a heated tool to melt the keratin tip bonds to your natural hair. 

While the above are the most popular types of semi-permanent extensions we offer, we can also order and install clip-ins, halos, bang-clip ins and a multitude of other hair extensions options. 

Infinitude hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair and with the proper care can maintain their healthy look and feel for over a year! They come in a variety of colours and can be coloured to match your current colour perfectly. Lengths range from 18"-24" and can be ordered in straight or wavy.



This is a complicated question to answer as it depends on many factors such as the colour, type, length of the extensions you will need as well as the quantity of hair. On average we find clients require 2+ packs for fullness and 3+ packs for length. Again, this amount will vary depending on the client and their needs. Hair costs range between $120 - $300 /pack. The cost of your hair is separate from the cost of the installation/maintenance and the above pricing is based on the application/removal/adjustment of 2-3 packs. 

The BEST way to determine the price of your extensions is always to come in for a consultation with one of our experienced stylists. 



When ordering through Sparks you can expect your hair extensions to arrive in 2 business days. Rush (Next Day) delivery is available in many cases as well for an additional cost. Your hair extensions will not be ordered until paid in full and are non-refundable once ordered. You can pay for your extensions after your consultation and set up your installation appointment for just a few days later! 

The installation of you extensions takes approximately 2 hours (depending on type and amount) and includes the preparation of your natural hair, extension installation, blending trim and of course your stylist will give you your care instructions and tips on styling your new, fantastic hair! 



The extensions we offer come in a wide range of colours and we are usually able to find a colour to match yours, or a colour that is close to your own. Your stylist through lightening and/or colouring the extensions needed can make any adjustments. This will all be covered in your consultation.




"With great power comes great responsibility."

Now that you've spent a cool million on purchasing your hair extensions and having them applied... you probably want them to last as long as possible. We've put together a little hair extension "Dos" section to help you care for your new hair. Your stylist will explain proper maintenance to you before you leave the salon, and you can always call us or pop in for advice.

- Purchase a good quality detangling brush and take care when brushing your hair extensions

- Do not brush over your hair extension bonds, or at least try not too!

- Minimize your use of hot tools (flat irons and curling rods/wands). NEVER apply heat directly to your bonds as this can melt the keratin and/or tape causing your extensions to slide down, or become unattached

- Use good quality, salon professional products on your hair. (Sulfate and paraben free, non-alcohol based)

- Purchase a good quality, deep conditioning masque for use on the ends of your hair weekly. Again, do not apply directly to bonds

- Keep hair out of salt water, heavy chlorine and hot tubs

- Completely dry your hair before going to sleep - Never sleep on wet hair extensions - We suggest securing your hair in a braid or pony and wrap in a silk scarf, or use a silk pillowcase to sleep on

- Discuss any planned future chemical services with your stylist before completing them to ensure that they will not affect or damage your hair extensions

- Keep your scheduled maintenance appointments with your stylist and have adjusted as necessary

- Be gentle with your hair extensions... no pulling <wink>