Professional: Gel Polish Colours, Acrylic System (Rockhard), Hard Gel System (Rockhard)

Artistic Nail Design is headed by world champion nail artist Alisha Botero who brings almost two decades of knowledge and experience to the table...when there’s a world champion working on your product, you know its gonna be good! 

Artistic has a fantastic array of gel polish colours loved for their exceptional coverage and wear. As well as their colour selection, Artistic created a great nail enhancement product line called Rockhard. Artistic Rockhard's acrylic and gel products are, in our opinion, unsurpassed by any other products we have tried in the same category. We refuse to use any other liquid and powder system in our salons. 



Retail: Vinylux Long Lasing Polish

Professional: CND Shellac Gel Polish System

CND (Creative Nail Design) has been developing world-class professional nail products since 1979. In 2010, CND came out with their famous Shellac, 14+ days wear system. It was so popular in North America that to this day, people still refer to a gel polish manicure as a Shellac manicure, not realizing that Shellac is a type of gel polish, not the products actual name. 

We also offer CND Vinylux as a nail polish option for clients who do not wish to have gel. This is a 7-day, no chip polish that is applied like a regular nail polish, and which can be removed by the client with a good polish remover. 


Professional: Gelish Gel Polish System

Gelish Hand and Nail Harmony (Let's just call it "Gelish") was established in 2009 when internationally acclaimed nailist Danny Haile invented the first "brush-in-bottle" gel polish ever. Gelish has an amazing selection of colours, all proven to perform to the highest standards. This makes Gelish one of the most trusted brands of nail technicians around the world.  


Professional: Hard and Flexible Gel

IBD Beauty has been a leading brand in the professional nail world since 1970. They were one of the first professional gel systems used in the nail industry, setting the mark high for others in the same category. They are known for their excellence and innovation regarding their UV and adhesive products.


Professional: Gel Polish System, Nail Envy, Infinite Shine Long Wear Polish

OPI is one of the most recognized brands of nail products in the world and rightly so as their products have proven to be of quality, but even more renowned than their trust ability are their iconic polish names. Their gel polishes are rich in colour and long lasting. We carry both OPI Gel Polish and OPI 7 day wear polish, Infinite Shine. 


Professional: Paraffin Wax Alternative Hand and Foot Treatments

Eco-Fin treatments are an alternative to the popular paraffin wax treatment for hydrating hands + feet. Unlike paraffin treatments, there is no wax involved as Eco-Fin is made out of 100% natural emollients and essential oils. Combined with heat, Eco-Fin treatments deliver rich moisturizers that leave skin feeling soft and supple.

Eco-Fin products are also 100% disposable and biodegradable… so they’re not only good for your skin, but for the environment too.


Retail: Wide array of foot care products available

Professional: We exclusively use Footlogix products in all of our pedicures

Footlogix is the first and only “pediceutical” mousse foot care line made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Developed in North America, Footlogix uses their groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology and scientific formulations to enable their products to penetrate the skin faster and deeper.

From simple dry skin to severe conditions caused by diabetes and other ailments, Footlogix has a mousse for that.