We have a multi-talented, knowledgable team of stylists ready to meet your every hair need. Our gals can cut, colour and perform all the latest highlight and ombre techniques eliminating the need to see separate stylists for separate services. 

*Please note that much of our pricing reflects Junior | Intermediate | Senior level stylists.

*We recommend booking any major colour, highlight or cuts a minimum of 2 weeks before special events are to take place to give time for adjustments if necessary. 

(+) Prices are based on short hair of average thickness and density.




Some of the most frequent questions we get regarding our hair services are related to pricing. It is nearly impossible to know exactly how much your colour/lightening service is going to cost, especially without an in-salon consultation beforehand. Basically, price increases based on product cost and/or time. This means that the thicker, denser and longer your hair is, the more time/product will be required to reach your desired results and the more your chemical service will cost. All of our hair pricing for colour/lightening is based on above shoulder length hair of medium density and fine thickness. Please note that the chart below is based on junior pricing. The actual costs may differ and your stylist will disclose any additional charges to you during your consultation. 



All salons are different but our stylist's levels are determined by a combination of their experience, technical skill and their ability to satisfy their clients (retain clientele) rather than how long they have worked in the salon. All stylists start at our Junior level and move up from there based on the factors outlined. Our level system helps you rest assured that our senior stylists are in their positions because they have demonstrated exceptional technical skill rather than just working in the salon for a longer period of time. 



A colour correction is when a client wishes to correct a previous colour or lightening service, go from dark all over to light all over, or to go from light all over to dark all over. Without getting too technical or confusing, a colour service is a one process service (colour application), a lightening service is two processes (the lightening with bleach and the toning with colour) and if your stylist needs to take additional steps in order to get the look you want then you are moving into the realm of colour corrections. Colour corrections are generally more expensive than your basic colour or highlights.

We highly recommend coming into the salon for a consultation before booking any corrective work, this is important to ensure that you and your stylist set realistic goals for your appointment. Depending on the condition of your hair and process needed to achieve your desired look, you may need to complete the work in stages in order to maintain the integrity of your hair while working towards your hair goals. 



If you are unhappy with the results of your hair appointment the best time to let us know is before you leave the salon. Our stylists want you to be happy, thats why they do what they do! When clients let us know what they are not happy with, our stylist are always grateful to know and eager to correct the situation. 

Once your hair appointment is complete, you have 7 days in which you are eligible for a complimentary correction. Once "fault" has been determined and your issue has been deemed a technical error on the stylists part, you have the option of having the original stylist make the correction, or having our most senior stylist complete the fix. 

Our girls take what they do seriously. You are their walking billboard... trust us, they want you to be happy with your hair. Never feel awkward to speak up and let your stylist know how you feel! 



The best state for your hair to be in for any hair service is day old and as product free as possible. Try not to tie up or clip back your hair as this can cause kinks or otherwise disrupt the natural flow of your hair. This is especially true for updos and other formal styles. Do not wear a hat or headband before your service.