Retail: Washes, Rinses, Treatments and Styling Products

Professional: Washes, Rinses, Treatments, Styling Products, Main Colour Line, Developers, Lightener

There is a reason Lanza is our main salon brand for both retail and professional hair products. Simply put, the results are honestly amazing. Lanza delivers on its promises, so we can deliver on ours. 

Lanza maintains a green commitment by ensuring that all of their products and actions support a healthy and sustainable Earth. Incorporating the latest in hair care ingredient technology as well as wild-crafted and sustainable plant based ingredient. While many hair care brands claim to repair the hair, Lanza is the ONLY brand able to heal the hair.  All Lanza products are sulfate free, paraben free and sodium chloride free. 


Retail: Heated Hair Tools, Flat Irons

Chi by Farouk is an American company best known worldwide for their heated hair tools, namely their flat irons. Founded in 1986, the CHI line was created by a hairstylist, for hairstylists although their products have become a favourite of professionals and non-professionals around the globe.


Retail: Washes, Rinses and Styling Products

Professional: Washes, Rinses and Styling Products

Color Proof was created by Jim Markham... you may know him as the creator of the popular Pureology brand. Jim has now created a complete line of professional, luxury products designed exclusively for colour treated hair. Color Proof products are not released until they are proven to exceed the performance of any comparable product on the market. 

Color Proof will maintain your vibrant hair colour 86-96% longer... much longer than other "colour safe" products on the market. The idea for their formulation came from the sunflower..., which turns to follow the suns rotation all day long, but never loses its vibrant colour. 

Color Proof stands out from the rest by being the only professional, salon line that is completely free from all known carcinogens. Their products are also 100% vegan and gluten free


Retail: Hair Growth Systems and products

Eprouvage is an award winning hair growth system which was the first to bring the science of progressive plant stem cells to the professional hair growth world. 

Unlike many hair growth products, you do not have to wash your hair everyday when using the Eprouvage system, just apply the serum to your trouble areas and style hair as usual. 



Professional: Hair extensions, Bonds and Eyelash Glue

With over 30 years of experience in the hair extension industry and a wide range of extensions and extension products Infinitude has become a trusted name in the extension game. Their luxurious, long lasting hair extensions are always 100% human Remy hair and each package is hand picked and checked for quality and consistency. 


Retail: Specific washes, rinses and styling products

The Kevin Murphy brand was created by award winning stylist Kevin Murphy who had over 20 years in the industry under his belt when he set out to create a line of hair products that would suit his needs and desires. Now Kevin Murphy brand is one of the most popular and widely recognized in the world.

All KM products are sulphate, paraben and cruelty free.


Retail: Washes and Rinses

Professional: Smoothing Treatment, Washes and Rinses

Liquid Keratin brand was launched in 2008 and was the first truly formaldehyde free Keratin treatment on the market. The Liquid Keratin system promotes smoothing and semi-permanent relaxing of a wide range of hair types while repairing some of the damage done by other chemical processes.

Liquid Keratin is also free of all donors/releasers of formaldehyde, aldehydes, thio, sodium hydroxide urea and guanidine.


Retail: Step 3, home treatment

Professional: Olaplex treatment can be added to colour or lightener or used alone

Olaplex is a single ingredient chemistry that is free oils and silicones that repairs hair's broken bonds caused during and after chemical services. While this claim has been made before, Olaplex is the real deal. It's been called insurance for your client's hair, and our girls agree! 

Adding Olaplex to your chemical services protects the hair maintaining and even improving its condition, while allowing your stylist to take you lighter, further, faster.